Our research library is open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:00 P.M. to  4:00 P.M. during Museum hours. A librarian can assist you with your questions or research.  It is required that you make an appointment on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The catalog includes books, periodicals, museum publications, and genealogy information.

The research library provides visitors with research assistance and referrals. The service is free and the non-circulating collection is open to the public. Copies can be made on-site for a nominal fee.

Research questions can be taken by telephone, email, US mail, facebook or website.  We invite you to make an appointment to conduct your research at the museum by calling 732-531-2136. Please contact our librarian Ellen Gulick with any reference questions.


Photocopies - $0.50 cents each
Photograph - $5.00 each (Printed on high-resolution photo paper)
Plus $3.00 shipping and handling
The charge for photographs transferred to a disc is $8.00.

Rules for Research Library

•  The use of cellular phones is prohibited in the research room. Please either turn your phone off or place it on vibrate.

•  Eating and drinking are not permitted in the research room.

•  Sign the research room register when you first enter the room and enter your departure time in the register at the end of your visit. Please indicate on the register what type of research you are doing.

•  Please handle the documents with care. You are responsible for safeguarding the condition of the records that have been brought to you.

•  You may remove and open only one folder at a time. Keep the folder and the documents flat on the table. Do not fold over and crease pages of the document.

•  Put a paper marker in the place of the folder you are using. Maintain the documents in the folder in the same order they were in when you received them.

•  Never write on the documents nor write on another sheet of paper on top of the documents.

•  Never let your pencil mark the documents.

•  No materials, such as books, magazines, maps, and pamphlets, shall circulate.

•  Reservations to use the Research Library are preferred. A Librarian will be on duty on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1:00 P until 4:00 PM. Walk in's will be permitted at the discretion of the Librarian on duty.

•  Use of the Research Library will not be permitted, by anyone, if a Librarian is not present.

•  Book or file "dummies "shall be used for all library materials removed from their normal storage location to facilitate prompt and accurate replacement.

•  All materials in daily use shall be returned to the Reference Library and be returned to their normal storage space by the Librarians at the end of each day.

•  When deemed necessary by the Librarian on duty, white gloves will be required to utilize historically sensitive documents.

• These rules shall be posted in the Library and in a loose-leaf book at the front desk.